Saturday, July 10, 2010

'sprout plastica' - CoCA Seattle

'sprout plastica'     Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)

from beneath the rubble,
what appears to be….a barren landscape,
a seed trembles on the wind,
landing lightly on the moist surface.
Encouraged and nourished by rain,
its hard shell releases, attaching roots,
tenderly a shoot forms,
slowly reaching upwards
towards the radiant sky.
At first a single sprout
standing alone
and then another,
multiplying into a series of spires,
new life begins again.

'sprout plastica'       Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)
'sprout plastica' detail      Barbara De Pirro
(plastic fiber, petals, twigs & steel)
'overgrowth & understory'
Sculpture Exhibit
Cougar Mountain Wildlands Park

July 10 - October 2, 2010

Curated by David Frances, CoCA Seattle

In a first-time collaboration with King County Parks, the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) will present “Overgrowth & Understory” an exhibition of temporary, outdoor sculptures on Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlands Park (Anti-Aircraft Peak & Sky Country Trailheads), from July 10 – October 2, 2010. The site-specific artwork addresses themes of art, nature, and land-use history.
Part of the experience involves short walks of 15 -20 minutes,
or longer hikes of up to 4 hours to connect the show in its entirety.

Fifteen artists from around the region will participate, coming from Vancouver BC, Camano Island, Shelton, Bellingham, Fife, and Oakland CA, as well as locally from Sammamish, Preston, and the Seattle area. Maps can be downloaded for free at CoCA’s website beginning July 10.
A catalog of this year’s exhibit will be released in August. 

ARTISTS: Barbara De Pirro, Shannon Durbin, Miguel Edwards, Kristine Eudey, David Francis, Ray Freeman III, Aaron Haba, Magdalena Hill, David Kitts, Anette Lusher, Meadow Starts with ‘P’ (group), Sarah Savidge, Suzanne Tidwell, Catherine Thompson, Shirley Wiebe.

For more information & images:

Funding for this project was made possible in part by Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP).

Special thanks to Antonia Xavie De Pirro for her assistance!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art of the Garden

'sprig'      Barbara De Pirro

The Arts Council of Snohomish County presents art of the Garden. Over fifty artists will showcase their work as part of this prolific offering of garden art, and art to bring the garden into the home.

July 8 - August 19

Arts Council of Snohomish County
1507 Wall St.
Everett, WA