Thursday, June 1, 2017

Meet the Artist: Lacey

Meet the Artist: Lacey
Show & Tell, Conversation & Snacks

June 2, 1-3 PM

Washington Department of Ecology
300 Desmond Drive SE
Lacey, WA

The installation of 'Metamorphosis' is now installed at the Washington Department of Ecology! This project spans three floors, illuminated by an ever-changing glow of natural light!

'Metamorphosis; a series of opulent chrysalis forms representing a transformation from the humble & forgotten into the exceptional. As nature creates life cell by cell so I've created these sculptures. Hundreds of plastic bottles reclaimed & hand cut into individual cellular shapes, then stitched together into a multifaceted organic structure.'

Barbara De Pirro creates environmental, mixed media craft, sculpture and installations.  Her artwork has been exhibited in Museums, Galleries, Sculpture Parks, Art Centers and Public Art Organizations. She is a member of Northwest Designer Craftsman, Surface Design Association and National Basketry Organization. De Pirro is an Artist Trust Fellowship, Residency and GAP Grantee. Her artwork is also highlighted in multiple publications including; ‘TextileArt Around the World’, ‘Green Art: Trees, Leaves and Roots’, World of Threads, Fiber Art Now and Surface Design Association.

Special thanks to the Washington Department of Ecology and Artist Trust for all your enthusiastic support!
“This event is also made possible by the Artist Trust​ Fellowship grant. The Meet the Artist event is part of the grant whereby award recipients outreach into a community unaware of their artwork."