Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vorfreude at Method

'Metamorphosis'    Barbara De Pirro

An installation comprised of a series of opulent chrysalis forms, each representing a metamorphosis, a transformation from the humble into the exceptional. As nature creates life cell by cell, so I create these sculptures. Reclaiming hundreds of plastic bottles, I begin by hand cutting each into individual cellular shapes; stitching them together with staples until a multifaceted organic structure takes shape.

METHOD Announces Barbara De Pirro and Katie Miller in "Vorfreude."
Curated by Elisa Law and Angel Sta. Teresa

July 11 through August 23 2014

Artists' Reception: 1st Thursday August 7, 2-8pm
Artists' Talk: Thursday July 24, 5-7pm

Method Gallery
106 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 

"Vorfreude," a German word meaning "the joyful anticipation of future pleasures."

"Vorfreude" explores the anticipation of growth, transformation, and renewal in life through the installations of Katie Miller and Barbara De Pirro. Miller investigates growth through video installation and performance, inviting visitors to participate in creating a series of origami boats. De Pirro examines renewal through using reclaimed materials. The resulting relationship between each installation is the process of transformation, exploring the expected potential of materials, their lifespan, and connection to their environments. The audience is linked with the exhibition as they observe its transformation and await the final event.

Barbara De Pirro's artwork has been commissioned and exhibited nationally and, is also included in many private and corporate collections. Her installations have been featured at various Museums, Sculpture Parks, Biennials, Art Centers, Galleries and Public Spaces. Additionally De Pirro's artwork has been published in multiple articles, publications and books.

Katie Miller received her BFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington, and her MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Miller's sculptures, installations, and social engagement projects incorporate glass, paper, beeswax, found objects, photography, video and sound. Her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited internationally. 

METHOD is a non-commercial exhibition space presenting art that is experimental, forward-thinking, unconventional, and predominantly based in sculpture, installation, new media, or performance. METHOD is the project of four Seattle artists identifying a need to provide a platform to engage in a dialogue about process, methodology, concepts, and materials through exceptional, exploratory, and challenging art.