Friday, August 19, 2016

Habitat : Refuge

“Our parks are not only sanctuaries for humans but also for local wildlife “.  This project ‘Habitat : Refuge’ involves a series of temporary animal habitats, nests of various sizes woven using a combination of both natural & reclaimed human-made materials.  These nests are temporarily installed within the trees at Duwamish Waterway Park in Seattle WA, August through October.  My intent with this installation is to invite conversation, unveiling insight to the history of the community, wildlife & landscape.  In turn nurturing an appreciation, an understanding of that interconnection and encouraging a sense of protection.

Thank you to Office of Arts & Culture Seattle and Seattle Parks and Recreation for funding my project! Special thanks to Sandy Esene, Randy Wiger & Elizabeth Esborn for all your support & insight! 

Forage & weave; in the process of making art, I stripped the forest of an invasive plant species; ivy and reclaimed plastic bottles from the local communities.