Saturday, August 15, 2015

Anacortes Arts Festival

"Flourish"      Barbara De Pirro

Here are some images of my recent installations at this year’s invitational exhibit, “ Anacortes Arts Festival” as part of ”Arts at the Port”. "Flora, Flourish 1 & 2, Metamorphosis, Roots & Vines", all five were created using hundreds (into the thousands in some cases) of reclaimed & re-invented plastic bottles, bags & caps.  It was a wonderful experience with an incredibly supportive community!

"Flourish"      Barbara De Pirro
A 13 foot waterfall of 3,000+ reclaimed plastic caps.
"Flourish 1 & 2"      Barbara De Pirro
"Flourish 2" (detail)     Barbara De Pirro
"Metamorphosis" (foreground) & "Flourish" (Background)
Plastic bottles & caps re-invented...
"Roots & Vines"     Barbara De Pirro
Plastic bags crocheted, synthetic materials into organic forms...

Thank you Anacortes Arts Festival for the invitation to share my art with your community & beyond! It was a pleasure getting to know ALL of you and... an honor to now know that "Entangled" holds a special place in your permanent collection, GRAZIE!