Thursday, September 15, 2011

'forest weavings' on Camano Island

'forest weavings'      Barbara De Pirro

My outdoor series of installations ‘forest weavings’ utilize invasive plant species, such as ivy vine.  Removing it from the forest, I weave it into nests, a symbol of shelter and protection.  Once each sculpture is dried, they are then tucked safely back into the trees.  My intent is to raise awareness to the fact that invasive, plant species have contributed to a huge decline in the diversity of our indigenous plants, endangering our native species.

'forest weavings'      Barbara De Pirro
'forest weavings'      Barbara De Pirro

On view now at,

Matzke Gallery & Sculpture Park
2345 Blanche Way
Camano Island, WA

'forest weavings'      Barbara De Pirro

This piece was also created with invasive plant species (ivy vines, scotch broom), waste wood (tree pruning’s) woven into reclaimed plastic shellfish mesh.

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