Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mathematics of Art

'string theory:unraveled'-recycled plastic bags-Barbara De Pirro

‘For some art forms math plays an integral part in the method of creating, intriguingly, most art may later be defined within mathematical terms, but for me, the actual conceptual and creative process is very organic and intuitive. Inspired by the theme, ‘the mathematics of art’, I researched various mathematical theories, philosophies and terminology, from that evolved my inspiration. My three sculptural pieces, ‘chaos: order’, infinity:mobius’
and ‘string theory:unraveled’ are all abstract interpretations of my
intellectual journey.’

May 7 - June 25

Arts Council of Snohomish County - Monte Cristo Gallery
1507 Wall St., Everett, WA, (425)257-8380

This exhibit showcases the interplay of math and art through the imagination of artists. Over two dozen artists have created patterned prints, quilts, collages, glass, sculptures, tessellations, perspective drawings and more. Gallery signage will include how math was applied, used or incorporated into the artwork.

During the exhibit over 2,500 children will share this rich multi-sensory experience with an art docent and work with artists to create their own art. The kids will come away with basic design principles, such as balance, repetition, and variety. They will explore the art elements of shape, line, color, texture and their connections with math. The field trips are made possible by co-sponsors: Bank of America Charitable Foundation, The Boeing Company, Target, Inc. and H’Arts Patrons.