Saturday, July 9, 2011

'flora plastica…the next incarnation'

'flora plastica' (detail)   Barbara De Pirro

Re-installed into its secondary location, 'flora' takes on a different role, this time a magical gateway into the third level of TAM.

'flora plastica'    Barbara De Pirro

This site specific sculpture was created using over 2,000 recycled plastic bags. The bags were contributed by the local community, collected over the past several years. All of the bags were used in their raw state, no dyes or paints were applied, the color is the actual hue of the bag. Each bag was cut into 2 inch strips, creating a synthetic fiber that was then crocheted into the
 various plant and flower forms.

'flora plastica' (detail)    Barbara De Pirro

'flora plastica' was commissioned by Tacoma Art Museum and Tacoma Garden Club.