Saturday, July 16, 2011

'forest weavings' at Carkeek Park

Trees whipped and tattered from the winter storms
leaving behind branches, lying broken, seemingly forgotten,
a woody web on the forest floor.

A warm air breezes in, a breath of new life
reaching for the sky, the fallen twigs collectively gather,
like a loom weaving in the wind,
rhythmic patterns form an interlocking mesh,
gently wrapping its protective shawl,
around and between the trees.
art playfully dances with nature.
I've been exploring art created with invasive plant species (ivy vines, scotch broom) as well as, waste wood (apple tree pruning’s, broken branches)
My alternative to burning! 
All of this is woven into scraps of reclaimed plastic shellfish mesh that washes up on my beach.

On exhibit now at Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA
'Heaven and Earth 3'
Curated by CoCA Seattle.
July 9 - October 10

For more information & a printable map,

'forest weavings' was funded in part by CoCA Seattle.

Special thanks to Antonia De Pirro, Ashlynn Hamlin, Beth De Pirro & Marilyn Innes.